BBC High Court appeal in Tesla spat

The BBC has made an appeal to the High Court to strike out the claim made by Tesla over a Top Gear episode.

The electric car manufacturer has sued the BBC for malicious 0hood claiming that the motoring show had made 0 accusations about the company's Roadster model.

In 2008, the Corporation aired an episode featuring the Roadster where it was shown racing against a petrol-powered Lotus Elise in what was considered as the ultimate test for an electric car.

Last shown in October 2010, the episode depicted the car slowly running out of battery on the race track and eventually being moved into a garage to be re-charged.

Tesla said that the BBC "misled" potential buyers by claiming the model had a range of 200 miles when its actual range was about 55 miles.

It also claimed that the scenes in the programme were not a 1 depiction of the sports car's performance.

However, The BBC argued that the words in question were not defamatory as they were not capable of bearing the alleged meaning.

Mr Justice Tugendhat has reserved judgment on the malicious 0hood claim and has not given indication when he would give his decision.

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