Barber opens shop on A6 lay-by

A barber who closed his shop due to the economic crisis has started his business in a trailer, which he parks in a lay-by alongside the A6 near Luton, Bedfordshire.

The idea came to Ben Martin while he was trying to find work following the closure of his Caddington-shop a year ago.

Speaking of the "eureka moment", the 38-year-old said he was chatting with his friend in a pub about his struggle to find a place without rent and operating costs. His friend suggested to "get a burger van"

The father-of-two continued: "I had to check it out with the highways authority and local council, but there are no overheads."

Mr Martin revealed that he gets all sorts of customers including salesmen, lorry drivers and pensioners, adding: "One good thing is that parking's easy.

"My business went down when the recession hit. Barbers are affected because people don't have haircuts as often. I just had to close because I couldn't afford the rent and rates anymore.

"I've been a barber all my life but I couldn't find a job anywhere. But you either lie down and die or you fight back and I decided to try and fight back."

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