Bannan backs drink-drive campaign

Aston Villa midfielder Barry Bannan is supporting a police force's Christmas campaign to stop drink driving, after he was almost forced to spend the festive season behind bars.

The Scottish international closely escaped a custodial sentence last month, after admitting to four motoring offences including drink driving.

"Loads of things go through your head at the time and up until I got out of the court case I was thinking the worst. I was thinking I could be in jail," he said.

"It was down to the judge, so there was a strong possibility that I could have gone to jail."

Bannan was banned from driving for 18 months and fined £4,500.

His story serves as a reminder of the deeper implications of drink driving. It's not worth spending Christmas or any time behind bars for the sake of a drink. And a prosecution is likely to increase car insurance premiums considerably.

The footballer, who says he is lucky no-one was injured as a result of his actions, is backing West Midlands Police's Christmas campaign to stop drink driving.

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