Balls confesses to speeding offence

Balls confesses to speeding offence

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has admitted going "too far, too fast" on a motorway in his West Yorkshire constituency, an offence which resulted in a fine and time on a speed awareness course.

Mr Balls confessed to being caught speeding in his blog. The Labour MP could not help having a dig at Chancellor George Osborne, who he often accuses of going too far, too fast in cutting public spending.

"Like many local people, I was caught out by the never-ending roadworks on the M62. Pulling on to the motorway at Morley I realised too late that the speed restrictions were still in place," Mr Balls wrote.

"I was caught and bang to rights - doing 56 in a 50 mile restriction zone. Going too far, too fast, you might say."

Mr Balls avoided having his licence tarnished by penalty points by attending the speed awareness course.

The experience has not dampened Mr Balls' desire to introduce more 20mph zones.

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