Bald tyre prompts safety warning

Bald tyre prompts safety warning

Drivers have been urged to carry out a simple and quick check on their tyres in a bid to save lives.

The plea comes after shocking images were revealed of a car tyre which was so worn that none of its tread pattern remained.

The condition of the tyre could have led to a crash with potentially fatal consequences as experts warned it would have been useless in wet conditions - which have been particularly prevalent in recent months.

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson said checking tyres only takes a few minutes and should be done at least once a month. He recommends the 20p test as a quick and simple solution - if the outer band of the coin is visible when inserted into the main grooves, then the tread is probably too low.

The tip came with a warning that failing to ensure tyres are safe could lead to a fine and several penalty points, as UK law requires a tread of least 1.6mm.

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