Bad spellers cost councils money

The bad spelling of Scottish council workers on street signs has cost the authorities hundreds of pounds in corrections.Ê

Glasgow City Council said around five road signs had been corrected since January 2003, with a mistake for the Crowne Plaza hotel - erroneously called 'Crown Plaza' - costing around £300 to rectify.

Elsewhere, Dundee City Council confirmed that two signs had been corrected since January last year at an approximate cost of £90 each for removing and replacing the signs.

A spelling mistake resulted in Menteith Street being written Mentieth Street , and a "typing error" led Drumlanrig Place to be spelt Drumlanrig Drive.

However, when asked in a Freedom of Information request how many had been corrected since January 2003, the council said it estimated the cost of complying with the questions "would exceed £600" - the prescribed cut off under the law in Scotland.

Renfrewshire Council said two road signs that were wrongly spelt last year had been replaced at a total cost of £60. No further details were released about the errors.

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