Bad roads 'leading to breakdowns'

Potholes and deteriorating road surfaces have been blamed for a recent surge in breakdowns, according to a survey.

More than three out of four RAC patrols questioned thought the quality of Britain's roads had deteriorated, a report found. This has led to an increase in tyre damage, vehicle suspension damage, and chipped windscreens.

The research showed that the number one single cause of breakdowns of RAC members last year was punctures, which accounted for more than 200,000 call-outs.

Of those patrols questioned, 77% thought roads had deteriorated, with 59% claiming the poor quality roads also had a detrimental effect on the driving experiences of motorists.

A massive 80% of patrols said roadworks in their area had increased, suggesting that road improvement programmes were failing to deliver in terms of road quality.

And 12% of breakdown teams said customers had told them they were less able to take their vehicle for an annual service on cost grounds.

RAC patrolman of the year, Iain Vale, said: "Motoring seems to have become a 'sin tax' and motorists are really getting a raw deal. Not only are drivers feeling the financial pinch, despite recent fuel price cuts, they also have to contend with poor quality roads which can cause costly repairs to their vehicle."

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