'Bad luck' motoring troubles hit majority of drivers, poll finds

'Bad luck' motoring troubles hit majority of drivers, poll finds
“Bad luck” problems with cars mean that drivers have to shell out more than £1,500 on repairs, research from RAC Cars has revealed. 

More than two-thirds (68%) of motorists have suffered from the effects of bad “carma”, with vehicles regularly coming into trouble because of factors outside drivers’ control.

One in three (29%) of those surveyed admitted to having owned one car that has been plagued by issues such as unreliability, accidents and damage both inside and out.

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But for an unfortunate fifth of drivers (22%), these motoring mishaps have become a more regular feature of their driving lives after having two “cursed” cars.

Even worse, the poll found that 2% of drivers have seemingly been jinxed on the road, having experienced bad luck problems with between six and 10 vehicles.

According to the findings, the average cost of dealing with bad carma – worked out from the 39% of motorists who could recall what they had spent – was £1,719.

Far and away the most common issues to strike were unreliability and breaking down, which nearly six in 10 (59%) drivers have had to put up with.

These were followed by running up costly repair bills - a problem for 29% - and accidents, with 28% experiencing bumps and crashes on the road.

The survey also revealed that an unlucky 2% of drivers had bought a car that had been “clocked” to reduce its recorded mileage. Find out how to spot a clocked car.

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Although 15% of drivers have been unfortunate enough to suffer these problems with new cars, the majority (71%) experienced them with used motors on average of around 7.7 months after buying.

But according to RAC Cars, such issues can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions before committing to purchasing a second-hand car.

Simon Williams, RAC Cars spokesman, said: “Everyone knows that buying a used car can be stressful which is why we offer the RAC’s industry-leading products such as RAC Vehicle Check and RAC Vehicle Inspections which give buyers greater reassurance they are purchasing a car that doesn’t have a hidden history or an underlying mechanical issue.”

In addition, the findings revealed that the unluckiest car colour is blue, with 14% saying they had had the most trouble with these motors.

This was followed by red (12%), silver (7%), green and white (6%) and black (5%).

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