Bad car posture linked to injuries

Almost half of British drivers suffer from repetitive driving injuries (RDIs) due to having a poor posture behind the wheel, according to research.

A study commissioned by eBay Motors found that the recently diagnosed condition, which doctors have warned could lead to muscular skeletal problems in the long term, is widespread among UK road users.

Results indicated that this poor posture could be down to the fact that more than 25% of motorists are not sure how to adjust their seat positions.

While it is important for a driver's own personal health to have the seat in its proper position, an incorrect position could threaten other road users if the vehicle cannot be operated as efficiently as it should be, creating accidents and high car insurance claims.

Among the most popular RDI symptoms are: foot cramps - suffered by more than 80% of drivers, side ache, stiff necks, headaches and eye strain.

Around two million motorists said these problems begin to appear after only a spending around 15 minutes driving.

A spokesman from eBay Motors said: "Despite eight out of ten drivers having suffered from RDI's, only one in five (21 per cent) consider car comfort an important factor when purchasing a car.

"Choosing the car best suited to their driving style should be an increased priority for all car buyers to avoid these symptoms."

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