Baby boy born on motorway hard shoulder

Baby boy born on motorway hard shoulder

Getting delayed in traffic while on the way home ended with a woman giving birth three weeks early - on the back seat of her car on a motorway hard shoulder.

The woman went into labour after she and her husband - together with their two sons, aged four and two - got stuck in a five-mile traffic jam between junctions eight and nine on the M42 near Birmingham.

Her husband made a 999 call to raise the alarm and request help. But by the time police arrived minutes later the baby, who has been named Tommy, had already been delivered.

PC James Barry, of the Central Motorway Policing Group, says he and his colleague arrived at the scene to find the newborn wrapped in a blanket and being cradled by his mother on the back seat of their Vauxhall Zafira.

PC Barry says despite their surprise, the woman's two older sons were "happy as Larry" to have a baby brother.

With the traffic jam - caused by a fuel spill - making it difficult for an ambulance to reach the scene, the officers drove the Zafira along the hard shoulder and on to the nearby National Motorcycle Museum where paramedics were waiting to help.

PC Barry, who has only been with the motorway policing group for eight months, says although each day in the job is different this one was unforgettable.

He has since received a photo of baby Tommy and says the family are "all doing well".

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