Avensis finishes one-tank challenge

Two journalists have driven the length of Britain in an eco-friendly Toyota Avensis on just one tank of fuel.

The long distance fuel economy challenge was taken up by Banzai magazine editor Joe Clifford and Andrew Biddle. They drove from one end of Britain to the other in a standard Avensis T Spirit Tourer, which is powered by Toyota's latest 2.0-litre D-4D diesel engine.

The pair were able to accomplish the feat by adopting an eco-friendly driving style which saw them achieve an average of 71.5 miles per gallon during their 905-mile trip. Utilising the Avensis's highly efficient engine and six-speed manual transmission, the two journalists recorded a miles per gallon rate just under that of the vehicle's official extra urban consumption figure.

According to Mr Clifford the Toyota ticked off the mileage with ease while showing itself to be extremely economic when it came to filling up at the pump.

Fortunately for the pair the Avensis demonstrated itself to be quite frugal when it came to fuel and they were able to judge their fuel usage accurately. As such they managed to avoid running out of diesel and the consequent hassle ofbreakdown .

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