Audi unveils new TT RS details

Audi unveils new TT RS details

German auto giant Audi has lifted the lid on a new top-end version of its TT sports car, and confirmed that it will be available to UK buyers.

The new TT RS plus, which sees the standard TT RS tweaked to provide a higher speed limit, more torque and horsepower boosted by 20bhp, will cost just over £3,000 more than the TT RS.

But buyers will get more than numbers for their money. Among the kit included as standard on the TT RS plus are Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, satnav capabilities, 19-inch alloy wheels, and carbon fibre reinforced polymer door mirror housings.

The car's power tops out at 355bhp, acceleration is cut to 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds in the automatic version, and the new limited top speed is 174mph.

TT lovers in the UK are likely to welcome Audi's announcement, as although the TT RS plus had been seen at motor shows it was not widely expected to be made available in Britain.

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