Audi offers online fuel calculator

Audi offers online fuel calculator

A new online fuel cost calculator which predicts how much an Audi driver can expect to pay at fuel pumps is available free of charge on the company's website.

The tool will help motorists in the market for an Audi find a car to suit their fuel budget, while also assisting existing customers.

Drivers can compare and contrast different models via a system which provides a calculation of the potential financial advantages of one vehicle over another.

To make the result as accurate as possible, users are encouraged to be precise with all the information they provide, including details of their annual mileage and how many years they want the calculation to cover.

The anticipated price per litre of fuel is automatically generated based on the national average according to the monthly AA Fuel Price Report.

The calculator then predicts the amount likely to be spent by a motorist over the chosen period based on the current fuel price.

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