Audi launches traffic light system

Audi launches traffic light system

Audi is launching a new traffic light information system for urban drivers which it says could save millions of litres of fuel and around 15% of CO2 emissions.

The traffic light recognition technology works by using Audi's in-car internet to link the car with the traffic light network through the central traffic computer in each town or city.

The system analyses the traffic light changes in the vicinity of the car, and the Driver Information System (DIS) - which displays green, yellow and red visual aids - then tells the driver how fast he or she needs to drive to pass a set of traffic lights during a green phase.

Audi's technology will also link the traffic information to the car's Start-Stop function when the driver is waiting at a red light, to ensure that the engine is switched on five seconds before the lights switch to green.

The time the driver has to wait until the next green phase will be calculated and displayed via a timer on the DIS.

Audi said the new system could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15% and save around 900 million litres of fuel if it were to be rolled out across Germany.

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