Astra damaged by hungry squirrel

A motorist was left shell- shocked when workers at a service centre discovered that a squirrel had been using his car to store peanuts.

John Gold took his Vauxhall Astra to Bosch Car Service garage, Warrington's of Warwick, to get a leaking radiator repaired, and was surprised when mechanics found stashes of peanuts in the vehicle's air intake system.

Mr Gold said: "I couldn't quite believe what the garage was telling me. There were literally hundreds of them stashed in there!"

He put the rodent's love for his car down to his mother-in-law's bird feeding habits.

Mr Gold added: "The squirrel must have taken the peanuts from the feeder in the garden and hidden them in the airbox."

In fact, this is not the first time Mr Gold's car has run into trouble due to animals' affinity for it.

He said: "My car must be a haven for rodents, as last time I took it in for a service, I faced a £1,400 bill because rats had chewed through the HT leads in its engine."

Jason Perry, the manager of the garage, said he had not come across anything of this nature during 40 years of being in the business.

He said: "Rodents can sometimes find their way into car bonnets and can cause quite considerable damage.

"Right next to the air intake is the Engine Control Unit if the squirrel had started to chew the wires - like Mr Gold's last experience with rats - it could have caused very serious damage to the vehicle."

When choosing a car insurance policy, owners should ensure it covers damage from unusual sources.

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