Aston Martin voted coolest brand

Aston Martin has scooped a double triumph by once again winning the prize for coolest brand in the UK, as well as being voted the top automotive brand.

The coolest brand achievement of five wins in six years is a first, amongst a poll of top international contemporary design-driven brands including Apple and Bang & Olufsen.

The automotive brand vote win saw Aston Martin surpass a host of other luxury and specialist manufacturers.

The boost for the brand, which is already a major attraction, will see owners making doubly sure their cars are protected with the best car insurance and breakdown cover deals.

"Number one in five of the last six years, this British icon is truly the coolest of the cool," said Stephen Cheliotis, Chief Executive, The Centre for Brand Analysis and Chairman of the CoolBrands Council.

Describing the brand as "smooth, sexy and sophisticated; British built, high quality and hand finished," Mr Cheliotis said: "Let's be honest, young or old, male or female, opinion former or British public, who wouldn't aspire to own what is truly the coolest car on the road."

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