Aston Martin tops dream car poll

The dream drive of motorists matches that preferred by James Bond, a poll has revealed.

The Aston Martin DB9 has come top in a poll by, with one in four of the 1,001 people surveyed saying their car was their ultimate status symbol.

Despite the credit crunch, 37% said they would still spend half their annual salary on a new car, with 21% even happy to use three quarters of their pay to get a desirable new motor.

Luxury brands that also topped the poll included BMW and Jaguar, while 25% said leather interiors were the most desirable in-car feature.

Although most of those questioned said it was unlikely they would drive their dream car, 40% did say they thought about upgrading their sound system or adding alloy wheels. marketing manager Katie Armstrong said: "It was unsurprising that so many of the respondents surveyed would choose to drive such a luxurious motor and see cars as a top status symbol."

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