Aston Martin given away with home

A generous property developer is set to give away an Aston Martin worth £110,000 to the first person to buy one of his luxury seaside homes.

Andrew Mackelden is hoping the incentive will help him to overcome troubles in the property market and boost interest in the £1 million-plus homes in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The Aston Martin DB9 V12 Coupe will be awarded to the first person to complete on one of four properties, ranging in price from £1.25m to £1.6m.

Each of the luxury designed properties has at least six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a conservatory, while two have their own infinity swimming pools.

Mr Mackelden, managing director of Fivewalk Homes, based in Pevensey Bay, near Eastbourne, said: "It's clearly a difficult time in the property industry and we saw this as a way of making people aware of what is available."

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