Aston Martin considering F1 future

Aston Martin may make a return to motorsport if it is commercially viable and there is the potential to be competitive, its chairman has said.

Dave Richards confirmed that the group, one of the most iconic brand names in the car industry, is considering entering Formula One in 2010.

However, he said the move would only go ahead if the budget was "sensible".

He said: "On the commercial side we would want a situation where the budget you would need to be competitive would be sensible, especially given the challenging economic conditions.

"The initial signs coming from the FIA and FOM are very attractive and represent the basis for a real revolution in the sport."

He believes F1 is returning to its "fundamental ethos", where the best engineering organisations are successful, not just those with the biggest budget.

The FIA is expected to confirm at the next meeting of the World Council that a budget cap will come into force for next year, with president Max Mosley having already proposed a figure of £30 million.

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