Arty Skoda is absolutely Fabia lous

Arty Skoda is absolutely Fabia lous

A Czech car manufacturer is offering customers the choice of well over 100 individual colour combinations for its latest arty supermini.

Creative Skoda fans thinking of buying a car have the chance of owning its new-gen small car with a difference.

The artistic version of the updated Fabia Street Art offers 125 separate colour combos, courtesy of Portugal's Armando Gomes, the 31-year-old world-renowned graffiti artist, film producer and designer.

Skoda, which describes the multicoloured model as "unusual" and "fresh", said the car is ideal for modern-day urban mobility.

Skoda's Werner Eichhorn said that its latest Fabia has never been as "emotionally rich" as this one.

Mr Eichhorn said that this artwork on wheels underscores Skoda's hope of striking "emotional resonance". The brand is "really happy" over its partnership with Gomes, he added.

The project was executed in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon last October.

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