Arty driver is White Van Gogh Man

Arty driver is White Van Gogh Man

Banksy, the world's top graffiti artist, has a new rival - a white van man who creates works of art by scraping away the dirt on the side of his vehicle.

Norfolk maverick Rick Minns, also known as Ruddy Muddy, has dubbed his work "grafilthy".

The 39-year-old began by using his fingertips, then utilised cotton buds and tissues to create more intricate effects on images including children playing in the snow and a ship on high seas.

Mr Minns, employed by Norfolk-based floral wholesaler Flowervision, said: "Work might prefer it if I washed my van more regularly but this is better than me driving around in a boring old dirty van."

Mr Minns, who has an art A-level and attends adult art classes, said each piece takes about 10 minutes.

He wipes the van down to create a fresh canvas every few days.

"It's always a shame to wipe away a picture I'm proud of," he admitted.

"Then again it's nice to start afresh - it's just frustrating waiting for the van to get dirty enough.

"Luckily I spend a lot of time on country roads, so it doesn't take long."

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