Arsenal defender gets driving ban

Arsenal defender gets driving ban

The black Maserati of Arsenal defender Andre Santos will be sitting in his garage for 12 months after he admitted to speeding up to 145mph in rush-hour traffic and was banned from driving for a year.

A court heard that the Premier League star, 29, did not stop when police chased him and moved in and out of lanes on a motorway filled with traffic on the morning of August 17.

Santos attempted to evade the police in his Maserati on the A1 and M25 in Hertfordshire before he finally stopped and was arrested near Arsenal's practice grounds.

At a hearing at Hendon Magistrates' Court in north-west London, Santos, of Church Mount, Barnet, pleaded guilty to driving recklessly.

The court ordered Santos to pay £3,600 in fines and costs.

Santos was seen accelerating rapidly in his Maserati after he passed a speed camera on the A41 near Stirling Corner at about 9.15am, the court heard from Pc Chris Hurt and a colleague who saw Santos that morning.

The police estimated that Santos was driving between 135mph and 145mph, which is twice the A1's 70mph limit.

When the Brazilian international then entered the M25, he weaved between the lanes of the motorway, forcing some drivers to brake suddenly to avoid a collision, the court heard.

Finally Santos stopped about 400 metres from the training ground of Arsenal. He explained to the police that he was driving fast because he was late for practice, according to Ms Gohlar.

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