April weather warning for motorists

April weather warning for motorists

Drivers have been urged to prepare for unsettled weather in the form of April showers.

Sudden, intense downpours can take many motorists by surprise.

But road safety charity the IAM is offering drivers some tips to prepare themselves for a spot of rainy weather.

Advanced driving expert Peter Rodger has advised car owners to set their heater controls properly as rain can cause windows to mist over in seconds.

Fiddling with controls during driving is a sure way to cause problems, he said.

The expert also urged people to put their lights on during spells of wet weather.

It is a simple rule that many people may not be aware of, but if they have to put their windscreen wipers on, they should also flick on their dipped headlights, he stated.

Mr Rodger said forward planning makes sense in terms of acceleration and anticipation too, as harsher manoeuvres can cause problems and possible breakdown issues.

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