App 'directs cyclist' onto M25

App 'directs cyclist' onto M25

A cyclist ended up on the M25 during rush hour after following directions on a mobile phone app.

As there were long queues for morning traffic, drivers and others took to Twitter to give their own views on the incident.

"A male was looking for a shorter route to cycle home from work. Phone app sent him on motorway so thought it OK," police tweeted.

One police officer tweeted that the cyclist - who was eventually removed and given a £50 fine - had been spotted between junctions 12 and 13 of the busy motorway.

Hannah Leonard was another person caught up in the delays and she tweeted: "My usual 40 minute commute to work took an hour and a half due to a cyclist on the M25!"

Many commenters on Twitter showed little sympathy for the young cyclist, whose experience acts as a reminder to use a reliablejourney planner and always go with the most appropriate route for your own needs.

The cyclist was variously referred to as "stupid" and "an idiot", although another police tweet described him as a "nice chap but unaware of the rules of the road".

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