Anti-traffic plans for ship event

In an effort to reduce traffic during a maritime event in Hartlepool, traffic lights will be adjusted to keep vehicles moving, it has been announced.

Highways officials will monitor the operation of all the traffic lights near the Tall Ships Races site in the town, and could even resort to manually controlling the lights on junctions should any problems arise.

The Tall Ships Races is an annual competition that between 70 and 100 vessels take part in from over 30 countries.

Anyone who isplanning a journey to the event, which starts on Saturday, should be aware of the traffic prevention plans that are being rolled out.

The lights at more than eight destinations, including Greatham, Truro Drive, Stockton Street/Park Road, and Church Square, are to be adjusted for the duration of the event, which finishes on August 10.

In an effort to keep traffic along the A689 and A179 roads to a minimum, extended green lights will be in place at junctions including Queen's Meadow and Powlett Road. Right turns and movements on to side roads will be banned at the Church Square junction, while on Park Road and Victoria Road, vehicles will only be able to turn onto the A689.

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