Anti drink-drive campaign launched

Motorists who get behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs are being targeted by police forces across Scotland with the launch of their summer campaign.

The fortnight-long initiative, led by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), is particularly focused on reaching young men aged between 17 and 29. It aims to convince them that a conviction has the potential to ruin lives because it can stay on their driving licence for 11 years.

Under the initiative, anyone who is stopped for failing to observe to road traffic laws will be breathalysed as a matter of course. "If you are caught drink-driving, you will be arrested, charged and convicted," said assistant chief constable Jim Green of ACPOS.

"You stand a good chance of having a criminal record with a number of associated long-term consequences. And then there are the other consequences, such as losing your job, your family breaking up, losing your home or car and, not to forget, the social stigma that goes with it."

A conviction for drink driving could affect job applications, car insurance and a person's ability to enter certain countries, ACPOS warns.

During last year's campaign, 309 motorists were caught for drink-driving.

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