Annual MoT tests to be maintained

The Government has dropped the proposal for two-yearly vehicle inspections and said annual MoTs will be kept on.

The decision comes in the wake of criticism of the idea by safety campaigners who said two-yearly inspections would result in many more road deaths.

RAC Motoring Strategist Adrian Tink described the decision as common sense, adding: "At a time when motorists are financially stretched, and many are understandably considering economising on vehicle maintenance, it is absolutely right to ensure most vehicles still have an annual safety check."

There was no evidence that the current system did not work and MoT testing contributed a lot to the reduction in casualties on the roads, he added.

Now the Transport Secretary has said the annual system will remain and outlined measures for improving garage services after more than 25% of cars were found to have faults either missed or assessed wrongly.

The measures proposed by Justine Greening include online review sites, the enlarging of industry codes of practice to include MoTs, improving information on MoT certificates and use of "mystery shoppers".

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