Annual mileage rates decreasing

Annual mileage rates decreasing

Drivers' annual mileage rates are falling, Government figures have revealed.

In England last year, stats show that people drove an average of 7,900 miles - the lowest total for any year in the last 12.

This drop was recorded despite the average miles being covered during a commute rising from 2,500 miles in 2012 to 2,800 last year.

Business mileage saw a similar decline, from 800 miles in 2012 to 700 last year, well down on 2002's total of 1,300. Private mileage was an average of 4,400 in 2013, in comparison with 4,700 miles over three years from 2010-2012.

The overall Department for Transport total of 7,900 was down on the same level recorded in 2002 and 2003 - 9,200 - with the annual level either dipping or staying the same for each year apart from 2007.

People living in England travelled 6,592 miles in all types of transport, including walking and driving in a car, or being a passenger. And there was better environmental news, too, with English residents walking 184 miles and going 288 miles by bus last year.

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "While it is important to see whether individuals are driving more or less than before, official figures show overall traffic volume is on the rise again following the end of the recession.

"With the population expected to increase by 10 million over the next two decades congestion is going to get worse, not better."

People from the West Midlands took to their feet for shorter distances last year, with 161 miles, while Londoners walked the most, with 215 miles.

Residents of the capital also saw the wheels on the bus go round and round more than others, with 492 miles clocked up on the bus. Residents of the south-east travelled the fewest on the bus, on 191.

Those living in more isolated spots walked only 97 miles on average, and were easily (and understandably) the biggest users of cars or vans. The levels of car and van occupancy have not changed over the last few years, with the 2013 average of 1.57 only slightly down on 2002's 1.59.

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