Anger over £1.3m speed fine camera

A speed camera in Dorset, which brings in £1.3 million a year in fines despite there being only one serious injury in 11 years, has provoked the anger of a campaign group.

The camera on the dual carriageway in Poole has resulted in 1,843 drivers a month getting a fine of £60 after exceeding the 30mph limit.

The fines are being handed out to motorists despite the fact that there has only been one serious injury since 1999, road safety group Dorset Speed said.

The camera, on the A350 Holes Bay road, was originally installed to catch drivers going through red traffic lights, but was changed into a speed camera under an initiative called Speed on Green. Angry motorists have labelled the scheme Greed on Green.

Dorset Speed obtained the figures after complaining to the Information Commissioner. The group claimed Dorset Safety Camera Partnership refused to release the data, which showed the fines totalled around £108,000 a month which equated to "a staggering" £1.3 million.

It said the limit is "completely inappropriate" for a wide open dual carriageway with little pedestrian or residential activity and is "wildly inconsistent" with other roads in the area.

"There is clearly no justification whatsoever for such a low speed limit or extreme enforcement on Holes Bay," the group said.

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