Analogue radios being phased out

Greater working relationships between the auto industry, government and broadcasters is urged after the Digital Economy Bill was passed by Parliament, which will see analogue radio transmitters begin to be closed down from 2015.

Drivers of older vehicles will have to upgrade their car audio systems as in all areas of the UK transmitters will eventually be switched to digital, leaving millions of analogue car radios unable to receive radio transmissions.

"The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) is urging broadcasters and government to work with the motor industry to raise consumer awareness on the digital switchover, helping to develop demand in the market," the organisation says.

"This will include reassuring consumers on the geographical reach of digital radio, which is not yet as extensive as it will be when the switchover comes into effect."

Commenting on the passing of the Bill, SMMT chief executive, Paul Everitt said, "A key issue will now be to ensure that consumers are informed about the benefits of digital radio and the options available for them to upgrade their current in-vehicle radios. It will be critical for broadcasters to continue to develop the content and coverage of digital radio and work with government to build consumers awareness of its availability, to help generate demand."

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