'Amfibus' grounded on trial run

A bus that can travel both on water and roads has been stranded just around half an hour into its first trial run.

The two-day test of 'amfibus' by operators Stagecoach on the River Clyde between Renfrew and Yoker had to be abandoned due to a technical glitch.

The suspension of the bus developed problems on the second run as it drove up the slipway at Renfrew.

The tests are likely to resume once the malfunction is looked into.

Stagecoach spokesman Steve Stewart said: "We had a couple of trips very smoothly back and forward across the Clyde but when we came back on one of the journeys part of the suspension which involves an airbag popped out so we are going to have to do some work to put that back in.

"But it's all part of the challenges that you face when you have a technical trial and that will go back into the evaluation process."

The Dutch-made amfibus relies on a hull that allows the vehicle to float. On the road, it operates like a normal coach, but is driven by twin water jets capable of reaching a speed of eight knots while under water.

It can carry 50 passengers and may replace the ferry service between Renfrew and Yoker.

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