All Ford models to get DAB by 2013

Ford is hoping to get an edge over the competition by rolling out DAB digital radios across all its model ranges by the end of next year.

Manufacturers have agreed to put DAB-enabled radios as standard in all cars by the end of 2013, ahead of the digital switchover.

ButFord is hoping to achieve its target a year earlier, so buyers do not have to worry about the planned 2015 deadline for all FM stations to go DAB.

Ford's new Focus comes equipped with DAB as standard and soon the feature will be extended to other models.

Nigel Sharp, managing director of Ford of Great Britain, said: "It is a looming issue, and we want to be well placed. The fact is that the Focus's radio is future-proofed now, whereas those in our competitors' cars aren't.

"The plan is to extend that across every Ford model in the next 18 months or so. There are technical issues to overcome because, for instance, traffic alerts are broadcast only in FM at the moment, but we are confident we can achieve our goal."

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