All aboard the new poo-powered eco-bus

All aboard the new poo-powered eco-bus

A new airport shuttle bus is the first to be 100% powered by food and human waste.

Environment-conscious plane passengers heading to Bristol Airport from Bath can now take the 40-seater Bio-Bus instead.

One tank of gas made from inedible food waste and human sewage is all that it takes to propel the bus for a maximum of 186 miles. This amount would take about five people a year to produce in terms of waste.

Its creators say the Bio-Bus, dubbed the "No.2" by some wags, is a sustainable method of powering public transport and simultaneously making urbanised air better. Biomethane gas, generated by Wessex Water subsidiary GENeco, is renewable and can produce fewer emissions, engineers claim.

Bath Bus Company's airport shuttle eco-vehicle uses the gas produced by Avonmouth sewage treatment plant in Bristol.

GENeco general manager Mohammed Saddiq believes that such vehicles play a key role in improving future UK city air quality. Mr Saddiq added that some local passengers could "quite possibly" have helped to power the bus they are riding on.

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