Air passenger anger at parking fees

A plane passenger hadÊ to pay extra for outstaying his time in a short-term airport car park even though the airport was shut.

Richard Busby, marketing manager, had to pay out an extra £65 after falling foul of bad weather at Luton airport in Bedfordshire.

The 59-year-old left his car in a short-term car park ahead of a business trip to Edinburgh.

But his return flight was cancelled after bad weather caused Luton to shut and he had to return by overnight sleeper train.

Mr Busby, from Ayres End near Harpenden, Hertfordshire, was then unable to get to the airport because of the weather conditions.

Having already pre-paid for his stay, he finally had to take a taxi to Luton only to find that he had to pay for two more full days.

Mr Busby said: "Car parking provider APCOA would not show me their regulations when I requested them. I should not have had to pay more.

"There are other people who are in the same position as me. It does seem unfair."

APCOA did not respond to inquiries.

A Luton airport spokeswoman said that she understood those who have overstayed on their pre-booked parking because of cancelled or diverted flights were automatically given 24 hours grace. Those overstaying more than 24 hours were charged for overstay but would be refunded or offered a voucher on proof of cancellation.

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