Agency to help ease holiday traffic

The Highways Agency has pledged to ease traffic congestion over Christmas by completing or suspending more than two-thirds of all roadworks.

The agency said 31 sets of roadworks have been completed and 30 are being suspended before the festive rush begins. A further 28 sets of roadworks will remain in place for the safety of drivers and their passengers.

Derek Turner, Highways Agency Director for Network Operations, said: "Over the Christmas and New Year holiday people use our motorways and major A roads to visit friends and family, go Christmas shopping and make vital deliveries to shops and businesses across the country.

"The Highways Agency will make those journeys smoother by suspending as many sets of roadworks as we can, and providing up to the minute journey planning advice."

He said that officers will also be on patrol and working in 24-hour control rooms to help traffic flow smoothly during the busy times.

He added that by planning journeys and listening to local radio stations motorists can keep up to date with traffic conditions.

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