Advice paves way for more 20mph schemes

Advice paves way for more 20mph schemes

Scottish ministers have published fresh advice for local authorities wishing to bring in speed limits of 20mph.

The guidance has created a template for councils looking to follow Edinburgh's example.

The Scottish capital announced plans on Wednesday (January 7) which, if approved, could see motorists abiding by 20mph limits on four fifths of its roads by 2017/18.

The guidance aims to encourage the introduction of such zones near schools, across residential districts, and elsewhere in built-up areas which see lots of cyclists and pedestrians.

It should also create more consistency among 20mph roll-outs across Scotland, according to the Government.

Derek Mackay, the Scottish Transport Minister, believes 20mph limits can make the country's roads safer by helping to reduce the number of accidents.

Brake, a charity dealing with road safety, wants 20mph restrictions to be implemented nationwide and urged local authorities to take up the idea.

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