Advice issued on used car trading

Used car trading expert Exchange and Mart has issued advice for car buyers and sellers to help them avoid falling foul of unscrupulous traders.

The company has revealed a rising number of used car buyers are being scammed by advertisements for vehicles that do not exist and car sellers are being frequently targeted by 'buyers' who have no intention of paying for a vehicle.

Debra Healy, Digital Director of Exchange and Mart, said: "There are simple ways for buyers to make sure they know what they're getting, including carrying out valuation and history checks with reputable providers, and double checking the details provided by the seller.

"While most used vehicle sales go through without any hitches, both buyers and sellers are vulnerable to becoming victims of fraudsters and car criminals."

Therefore, Exchange and Mart have devised a few simple security tips to ensure buyers do not get taken for a ride by dishonest sellers.

They recommend getting a seller's landline number, while buyers should always meet private sellers at their home address and check it matches the V5 document.]

In addition, buyers should examine all the documents and ensure all details match, ensure the car has a full service history and valid MOT and conduct valuation and vehicle history checks before purchase.

Meanwhile, sellers should be wary that thieves posing as potential buyers may ask for vehicle details to fake their own advertisement. Sellers are also urged to be wary of emails from abroad which offer to buy your vehicle.

Exchange and Mart urges sellers to get the name, address and telephone number of anyone making an appointment and call them back to verify their phone number, while they also advise against letting potential buyers make copies or take photos of the vehicle documents, and handing over the vehicle's keys before payment has been made.

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