Advanced advice for frugal drivers

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is advising drivers how to combat the 20% rise in motoring costs since last year.

:: Anticipate road conditions and drive smoothly: avoid sharp acceleration and heavy braking to save fuel.

:: Stick to the speed limit: edging over the motorway limit saves very little time, but will cost three or four pence a mile more.

:: Check your revs: change up to use the most efficient gear, for many cars this will be before 2500rpm (petrol) and 2000rpm (diesel).

:: In a jam: when stuck in traffic, turn off the engine to save fuel.

:: Buttons cost money: air conditioning and heated windows drain power; keep the windows clean and they'll rarely mist up. Use air conditioning sparingly, but switch on for 10 minutes a month to keep it in good condition.

:: Track the trip: set on-board tracking computers to 'actual' mode to track miles per hour and miles per gallon/litre expenditure.

:: Plan the route: plan the route carefully before setting off to avoid congestion, prevent getting lost and wasting valuable fuel.

:: Service vehicles regularly: inefficient, under-serviced engines can reduce fuel economy by more than 10%.

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