Adults 'flout road-crossing code'

A new poll has found that British adults are ignoring the road-crossing motto of "stop, look and listen" and are instead following a "just step out" approach.

Of the 1,001 adults questioned, nearly half do not listen, 46% do not stop, while nearly a quarter do not look at both sides before crossing the road.

The survey also found that nine out of 10 adults in the UK jay-walk by not always waiting to reach the designated points to cross, while 71% do not pay much attention to oncoming traffic.

According to the survey, 93% cross between vehicles that have stopped, while 86% cross the road halfway when only one side is clear.

Over a quarter (28%) said they have had to run back to the pavement to avoid oncoming traffic.

Londoners are the most dangerous, with three-quarters saying they do not stop, look and listen before walking across the road.

Some of the activities that distract road crossers include talking on mobile phones (45%), texting (21%), listening to music (29%) and reading a book or newspaper (6%).

The survey by Sheilas' Wheels found that a tenth of men flout the crossing code as they are distracted by admiring other pedestrians and motorists. The main reason given by pedestrians for not obeying crossing rules was that they were in a hurry.

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