Action on global safety called for

A report has revealed that each year 10 million children are injured and 260,000 are killed in road crashes worldwide, making it the leading cause of child injury.

The report by the World Health Organisation and Unicef, which shows 1.3 million people die and 50 million people are injured each year in road accidents, coincides with the road safety campaign Make Roads Safe.

The campaign is calling for 10 years of international work to reduce the numbers of people injured or killed in road accidents.

Lord Robertson, the chairman of the campaign, has welcomed the report and hopes it will draw attention to the problem.

He said: "This report is a wake-up call on child road deaths. Road traffic injuries in developing countries have reached epidemic proportions and a co-ordinated response is urgently needed.

"If we are serious about halting the rise in child road injury, the international community must agree a decade of sustained action between 2010 and 2020."

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