Acrylic car shows safety advances

Acrylic car shows safety advances

The Frankfurt Motor Show saw an array of safety technologies on display, demonstrating the latest advances in road safety.

A life size acrylic car 'driven' by models was the main attraction, as TRW Automotive showed how it is working towards semi-automated driving. One feature of the acrylic car is an advanced radar that warns drivers of possible collisions and pedestrians.

Sensors in the car are used to collect information from the 360 degree area around it, and the data is used to make driver assist systems work in emergency situations. Other features integral to the car are a range of airbags and active safety systems such as braking and steering products.

The acrylic car has a new 'active' seat belt system that in a real car could help manage occupant energy during a crash when the car is forced to stop suddenly. The possibility of passengers being put out of position and more susceptible to injury is decreased as the slack in the belt is reduced.

Energy can be recovered from braking in one package by the integrated brake control system (IBC) which enables the car to automatically brake.

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