Acpos launches 'day of action'

People who do not wear their seatbelts will soon have to change their ways after the Scottish police's launch of a 'day of action'.

The 24-hour crackdown which has been put in place by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) is aimed at making sure that people strap up before they hit the road.

The launch follows this year's other campaign Have You Clicked and also commemorates the 21st anniversary of the introduction of a rule which states children in the back of cars have to wear a belt.

According to Acpos, around 33% of people who die in road accidents are not wearing seatbelts and 50% of those could have been saved if they were.

An alarming 27,000 drivers are found to not be wearing their seatbelts annually according to police.

Charlie Common, Chief Superintendent, who is part of the Lothian and Borders Police force and heads up casualty reduction for Acpos, said: "The number of people who are still not wearing a seatbelt is totally unacceptable and highlights that vehicle occupants are continuing to show a complete disregard for their own safety.

"It is equally of great concern that some drivers are putting the lives of their children at risk by allowing them to travel unrestrained.

"During previous Acpos campaigns, incidents have been detected highlighting the situation. For example, in April, a 37-year-old driver was reported for carrying three children, all under five years of age, none of whom were properly restrained."

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