Aberdeen to get hydrogen cars

Aberdeen to get hydrogen cars

Two hydrogen-powered cars will take to the road in Aberdeen as part of a car-sharing club.

Drivers in the city will be able to use the Hyundai ix35 SUV fuel-cell vehicles on a pay-as-you-go basis from this summer.

Boasting a range of 326 miles - more than three times that of many electric motors - the cars convert hydrogen into electricity.

Aberdeen car club operator Co-wheels will rent them out to the public and local businesses, becoming the first car-sharing group in Europe to try out hydrogen-powered cars.

Barney Crockett, of Aberdeen City Council, says the announcement marks another important milestone for the city's hydrogen strategy.

Aberdeen is home to Scotland's only hydrogen vehicle refuelling station, although a second is planned at Levenmouth in Fife.

It is also home to the UK's first fuel station for hydrogen buses, with the city having the largest fleet - 10 vehicles - anywhere in Europe.

Emitting only water vapour, refuelling hydrogen cars takes roughly three minutes, costing about half as much as filling up with petrol or diesel.

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