A591 named best driving road in UK

A591 named best driving road in UK

Cumbria's A591 from Kendal to Keswick is the number one driving road in the UK.

That's according to boffins at Avis, who have come up with a scientific formula to calculate the best stretches of road for drivers that like to take their cars out for a leisurely spin now and again.

They teamed up with quantum physicist Dr Mark Hadley, while legendary Formula One track designer Hermann Tilke and renowned roller coaster designer John Wardley were also called upon to lend a hand.

The team calculated that the ideal ratio for a perfect driving road is 10 seconds spent on a straight for every one second spent in a corner - allowing a driver to make best use of a car's acceleration, brakes and handling on a single journey.

It calls this the 'Avis Driving Ratio' (ADR) - and it was applied to roads around the world.

The scenic A591 topped the charts with a ratio of 14:3, yet any Cumbrian will tell you that the road is usually blocked by slow-moving traffic caught behind holidaymakers in caravans during the summer months, a factor not considered in the ADR maths.

The B3515 from Cheddar to Ashwick ranked second. This expanse of tarmac twists and turns through Cheddar Gorge before eventually straightening out, giving drivers numerous opportunities to overtake tourists.

Third place went to the A535 from Holmes Chapel to Alderley Edge in Cheshire. But again the ADR failed to take into account the traffic that can form on the road, with trucks the main culprits for tailbacks.

Dr Hadley, who led the research, says bends, acceleration, cruising and braking are the four key phases of a drive.

He claims a great driving road strikes the right balance between the phases, so drivers get the exhilaration of speed and acceleration while corners test their driving capabilities and long stretches allow them to enjoy the scenery.

The N-222 from Peso de RŽguna to Pinh‹o in Portugal was rated as the best driving road in the world.

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