A third of men 'drive when drunk'

One third of men admit to driving when over the legal alcohol limit, with nearly 18% saying they had done so several times, a poll has shown.

The survey by Iron Press found that factors like peer pressure and image had an impact on the drinking habits of motorists.

The findings reveal that nearly half (49%) of the men surveyed felt pressurised by their mates to drink alcohol, with almost three-quarters (72%) admitting they drank more when out with their male friends.

While a majority of 88% said they would buy a soft drink if they were the designated drivers, nearly half of them (48%) admitted that peer pressure often led them to drinking more than they wanted to.

According to the survey, more than two in five (44%) drink between 11 and 20 drinks in an evening.

Around a third (32%) think it is not "manly" to be seen with a soft drink and not a pint in their hand, with nearly a half (47%) saying they would feel like a "wuss" if they ordered a soft drink.

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