911 GT3 RS named best driver's car

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS has been named the Best Driver's Car for 2010 by the Autocar magazine.

Chas Hallett, editor of Autocar, said the verdict was unanimous as the GT3 RS was ranked topmost among the impressive sports car line-up by all judges, for giving the "most involving, enjoyable and satisfying" drive.

The runner-up this year was the Noble M600 for its "polished, surprisingly benign chassis and steering, and the progressiveness of its controls". The British-built car was also said to have shown exceptional straight-line pace during road and track testing at Donington.

Ferrari's 458 Italia, which was the fastest around the track circuit with a time of 1min 15.9sec, came in third.

A total of 11 cars, collectively worth nearly £1,000,000, were tested by the magazine's judging panel, which included chief road tester Matt Prior and editor-at-large Steve Sutcliffe.

Mr Prior said: "Some modern supercars are so quick that their electronic driving aids actually make them more enjoyable. A moderately handy driver can often extend his own limits, and take the car's performance further, while knowing there's a back-up if things go wrong.

"The best driver's cars, however, are still those that don't induce fear when you push the 'ESP' off button. They work with you, communicate with you, and allow you to exploit them for pure amusement."

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