90% of drivers take test early

Just 10% of motorists have the recommended amount of driving lessons under their belt before they take their test.

That is according to a survey by the RoadSafe organisation, which found nearly nine out of 10 drivers undertook less than the recommended 40 hours of lessons.

This may help to explain why as many as half of motorists felt under-prepared and nervous when getting behind the wheel for the first time after passing.

The survey also drew attention to the dangers of being too self-assured on the roads. Male drivers aged 17-25 said their main emotion after passing the test was confidence, yet they were more than twice as likely to have a collision in their first month of driving compared with female drivers.

Some 35% of drivers admitted to having had a collision in their first year of driving.

Comprehensivecar insurance is vital for all drivers - whether it's to protect young motorists who are prone to bumps, or more experienced drivers who may suffer because of a new drivers' mistake.

The poll of 1,000 UK motorists also revealed young drivers change their driving style depending on their passengers. They tend to drive cautiously with parents, yet less safely with friends.

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