80mph speed limit could be 'unsafe'

80mph speed limit could be 'unsafe'

Since new evidence suggests that the increase in the national speed limit to 80mph will cause more shunts and crashes, it would be wise to be fully insured if the new law is implemented.

Plans for the Government to raise the motorway speed limit from 70mph to 80pmh in England and Wales are under consultation.

The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) conducted a study into the speed limit rise and what consequences it may have, concluding that it would not be safe for drivers.

The report showed that we would not only see an increase in the number of crashes but that the crash type would be far more severe because of the greater speed.

The knock-on effect from this would see longer delay times after crashes and more money spent on repairs and crash clean-ups.

In the report, it said: "Drivers who want to are already travelling at 80mph when they can. Economic benefits only arise if 80mph means 90mph and opinion surveys show no public support for that."

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