80mph motorway rule 'to be limited'

The motorway speed limit will not be raised to 80mph on all stretches of motorway, even if the Government raises the legal speed allowed from 70mph, the Road Safety Minister has warned.

Mike Penning also told MPs motorists should not think a new higher limit of 80mph means they can drive at 90mph, agreeing that drivers often break the current limit.

He confirmed there would be certain sections where the 80mph limit would not apply, and his own view is that stretches of two-lane motorway should be exempt from a rise.

The new higher limits would have to be enforced rigorously and the Government will consult soon on whether the motorway limit should go up to 80mph in cases where it is viable.

Mr Penning told the House of Commons Transport Committee a lot of work needs to be done, adding: "We have to be honest with the public. We are close to starting the consultation. We are not too far off but we are not there yet."

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