80% 'wound up by partners' driving'

Four out of five motorists end up fuming at the in-car behaviour of their partners when they drive together, a new survey shows.

According to Kwik Fit, driving style is the main irritant overall, with 15% of 2,000 respondents saying they are unimpressed by their partner's skills.

Women are annoyed most by men's impatience on the road, which risks unnecessarycar insurance claims, while male drivers complain most about the map-reading abilities of their partners.

More than a fifth of women cited their partner's treatment of fellow road users as the biggest irritant, compared with just 7% of men.

Other major complaints from women about their partner's habits were driving at high speeds (15%) and tailgating (14%). In contrast, only 6% of men believed their partners drove too fast and just 8% thought they pulled up too close to the vehicle in front.

Of the male motorists surveyed, 14% considered their partner's map-reading skills poor, while 7% were frustrated by their slow driving.

Kwik Fit chief executive Ian Fraser said: "The large number of women saying their partner drives too fast, too close and is too impatient suggests that male drivers should be heeding the advice of their passenger to be safer on the roads."

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